Frequently asked questions

This page is being updated with more questions all the time. Check back regularly. Do you have a general question you wish to have answered here? Let us know.

1. When are we supposed to use the audit plan template?
We prefer the use of this template for faster processing. All the information we require for proper assessment of your intended audit is covered in this template.

2. How will existing certificates be affected by the new product names?
Already published certificates do not have to be changed. However, when the next follow-up audit takes place and you already were used to reissue a certificate, you now need to use the new certificate template with the new product name. In other words: you change to the new product certificate template when re-assessment or annual review takes place. Please note: every certificate or statement has a validity of 3 years, if annual reviews/follow-up audits are successful. You do keep de original issue date of the first year of assessment, regardless of the new issued template. For example: the Certificate was issued in June 2019, then you use the new template after the successful audit in June 2020. The “First issued” date remains June 2019, valid till June 2022.

3. What is the procedure after publishing the certificate?
After you issue the certificate towards your customers, you immediately send it to to be included in the register. The online register is the only way to check validity of a certificate and therefore needs to be uploaded to the register as soon as possible.