Collectively funded


The Safety Culture Ladder is a market initiative. The principle of the ladder is that all companies and organisations involved jointly finance the ladder and contribute p

desk, the further development, the supporting of initiatives, the management of the certification scheme, the administration, etc. Use of the Safety Culture Ladder should consequently generate sufficient funds to ensure that the ladder remains up-to-date and applicable in the future.

Certificate fee

Certification against the Safety Culture Ladder occurs through an assessment by an independent expert, a Ladder Certification Authority. For each (annual) audit a fee is charged proportional to the duration of the audit in man-days (including the initial certification, the reassessment and the experience audit). The rates are set annually for the following year. In 2019, the minimum minimum fee per organisation has been set at € 505. From ten man-days onwards, the certificate fee will be increased with €505 per five man-days. The fee is annually charged throughthe respective Certification Authority.