implementation by electricity transmission system operator


Working together with TenneT and the Safety Culture Ladder

TenneT expects the contract partners to have similar safety ambitions and convictions as TenneT. Focus on attitude and behaviour will ultimately lead to an improved safety performance. TenneT offers its contractors the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their peers. The improvements are stimulated, among other things, by the implementation and application of the Safety Culture Ladder.

TenneT undertakes to promote the safety culture in organizations and to promote SCL as an objective instrument for measuring the safety culture in the energy and infrastructure sector and, if possible, also outside these sectors.

TenneT safety experts have identified the risk potential of the activities of contractors who work for TenneT. Based on this classification and taking into account the size of the turnover, TenneT has made a selection of which contractors are eligible for certification of one of the SCL products: SCL, SCL Light and Approved Self-Assessment. An SCL Original certificate is not specified by Tennet, but is accepted. In general, the (operational) activities that are carried out in high-voltage stations, on overhead lines and / or in offshore are considered high risk. In addition, all those activities that have a major impact on the safety of the tasks to be performed, such as engineering, are also considered high risk. Technical research and / or supervisory services, logistics and building management are considered medium risk activities. For more information, see the TenneT guideline.

TenneT guideline

The information from the SCL can be found on various websites, such as that of NEN, TenneT, certification institutes, etc. To make it clear, TenneT has decided to summarize the relevant information from the various knowledge sources in a guideline. This guideline provides direct insight into the SCL standard, the relevant market parties and the application and expectations of TenneT.