KWA as a knowledge partner of NEN – why?

KWA Bedrijfsadviseurs is the partner of choice for manufacturing companies and institutions in the Netherlands. Our committed and expert consultants help customers understand the increasingly complex regulations. We help you with becoming and remaining compliant, bringing technical and other projects to fruition, developing carbon reduction strategies and implementing these, and improving safety in the working environment by propagating the philosophy underlying the SCL.

Sharing knowledge is in our genes and to us, helping customers is a key part of this. This is why we have deliberately chosen to be an NEN knowledge partner. In addition to mutual knowledge exchange, we see an important role for ourselves as a sounding board and as a source of ideas for the CvB (Board of Interested Parties) and the CvD (Committee of Experts) for the development of SCL 2.0.

Impact on our customers: promoting safe behaviour  
The description of the current SCL tends to be seen as system-oriented, but the components that actually  ensure that the ladder is climbed in a ‘natural way’ within an organization are culture, attitude and behaviour. So, instead of ticking off obligations on a checklist to facilitate safe behaviour, this means getting the people involved to realize that they want to work safely. Our practical knowledge of different industries puts us in a position that allows us to act as partners rather than external consultants. Working with our customers, we set objectives and initiate practical measures to promote safe behaviour in individuals, teams and the entire organization. This has an impact on our customers. 

Our role as a knowledge partner

In our role as a knowledge partner, we make an active contribution to the SCL tool becoming an effective instrument for improving and optimizing safety culture (safety awareness and consciously acting safely). KWA uses the Safety Culture Ladder methodology as a tool for working on achieving a safety culture.

A company will only find sufficient support for using the SCL methodology if the tool contributes positively towards the development of a safety culture. We share our experiences of using the tool with NEN. This has contributed to the further development of the tool in recent years, both in terms of content and applicability.

Continued participation as a knowledge partner

NEN is working hard on SCL version 2.0. We are monitoring these developments and providing input in order to achieve a high-quality tool that can be put to practical use in various industries and sectors. Only then can the SCL be used as a tool for bringing about changes in culture. KWA will continue to actively participate with NEN as a knowledge partner and sounding board.

Linda Gentner (KWA Bedrijfsadviseurs B.V.)
Erik Krops (KWA Bedrijfsadviseurs B.V.)

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