TenneT suppliers meeting Safety Culture Ladder

Last Friday, March 24 2017, the first meeting to inform TenneTs’ suppliers about the different aspects of the Safety Culture Ladder and the possibilities for certification was organized.  Presentations were given by companies who are already certified on the Safety Culture Ladder. AdviSafe was also present to explain the system of the Safety Culture Ladder to the participants. At the information market, suppliers were offered the opportunity to get in touch with Ladder Certification Authorities, consultancies and NEN.

By implementing the Safety Culture Ladder,  TenneT is dedicated to improving the safety culture awareness throughout it’s entire chain.

Over the coming months more meetings will be organized, to which TenneT will invite its suppliers to participate. The next meeting is due to be held on Friday March 31 2017 at TenneT in Arnhem. In addition to the meetings in The Netherlands, meetings for TenneTs’ German suppliers will be organized in Germany in the coming months as well.

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