The Safety Culture Ladder helps improve health and safety culture.

The TenneT guideline

TenneT has summarised all the information relevant for the energy sector in a guideline. It provides a direct insight into the SCL standard, the relevant market parties and TenneT’s expectations.

Click here to see the TenneT guideline.

The SCL products for TenneT

Safety experts classify TenneT contractors on the basis of risk and turnover and use this information to decide which contractors will be eligible for an SCL certification. The SCL, SCL Light and Approved Self Assessment certification products available for TenneT. The SCL Original certificate is not specified but is accepted.

Health and safety at work

TenneT expects its contract partners to share its health and safety goals, with a focus on attitudes and behaviour . This also gives contractors the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their peers. The Safety Culture Ladder is used to encourage health and safety culture in the energy sector and beyond.