Documents Safety Culture Ladder 2.0

Safety Culture Ladder 2.0 standard

The Safety Culture Ladder 2.0 standard lists the requirements against which assessment is conducted.

Certification scheme SCL 2.0

The certification scheme contains the agreements that certifying bodies must adhere to when assessing the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL). 

Explanation Safety Culture Ladder 2.0 (SCL 2.0)

The SCL 2.0 notes contain information on why a new edition of the SCL is needed, how it is structured and its possible interpretation. 

Documents Safety Culture Ladder 2016

SCL certification scheme 2016

The SCL 2016 certification scheme contains all the necessary formal information on requirements, criteria, auditor guidelines and ratings (scores).

SCL Handbook 2016

The Safety Culture Ladder Handbook is the document that provides the framework for certification on the Safety Culture Ladder. All the necessary formal information on the certification process is contained therein. The framework provides direction through explanatory notes and includes objectives, methods, requirements and definitions. The handbook accompanies the Safety Culture Ladder 2016 version