Committee of Experts

The Committee of Experts (CoE) is responsible for developing and managing the Safety Culture Ladder. The CoE’s primary task is to keep the certification scheme up-to-date and serve as a contact point for certification bodies. It answers interpretation-related questions about the standard and other relevant issues and is made up of representatives of various interested parties, including clients, contractors, academics, contracting authorities, certification bodies and social organisations. The CoE is led by an independent chair at management level. NEN offers the CoE support and advice in respect of the management and development of the Safety Culture Ladder.

Mrs A.D. Vijselaar | Independent chairman

Mr O.C. van Aagten | member | Network Companies Energy Sector

Mr D. van Delft | member | Rail sector

Mr J. di Giovanni | member | Techniek Nederland

Mr A.N. de Graaff | member | NLingenieurs

Mr F.W. Guldenmund | member | TU Delft

Mrs E. Koolman | member | Certifying Bodies

Mrs D.J. Snoeijer | member | GCvB/ViA

Mr H. Wentink | member | Bouwend Nederland

Mrs H. de Vries | member | Certifying Bodies

Mr R. van Vuuren | member | Production and supply companies Energy sector

Mrs K. van der Haar | member | NEN

Mr R. van der Aa | secretary | NEN