Target groups

The SCL is helping to reduce the number of work situations that are unsafe and unhealthy.

The SCL applies to every sector

The Safety Culture Ladder has been designed for use in every sector and is helping to reduce the number of unsafe and unhealthy work situations. The result: fewer incidents, sickness absence and claims. A safe work environment is important in every organisation in every sector. 

Curious about the experiences of BAM, ProRail and Eneco?

Safety at work achieved by working together

Safety at work cannot be achieved through safety rules alone. The basis for a safe work environment is formed by attitudes, behaviour and culture. The Safety Culture Ladder encourages organisations and their suppliers to work safely and healthily, without distinguishing between clients, contractors and suppliers. Working safely achieved by working together. The SCL breaks down levels of safety awareness and behaviour into five steps. The greater the responsibility, reflection and investment in health and safety, the higher the score. In SCL 2.0, the score is determined on the basis of various themes and sub-themes that are used as assessment criteria.