SCL Light

SCL light for your organisation

The SCL Light product involves a 40% audit in Year 1. This is not a full assessment. So, you will not receive a certificate but an SCL Light statement with a step indication. 

The Statement is valid for 3 years if you achieve a good rating on your action plan in years 2 and 3.

The SCL Light is applicable for steps 1 to 3.

Use the SCL webtool to do the self-assessment. You will also need to prepare a GAP analysis and action plan (either yourself or via a third party). The certification body (CB) will use the 40% audit to decide whether or not you will receive an SCL Light statement.

A step lower or higher

A step increase in Year 2 or 3 will be regarded as an ‘initial certification’. In this situation, a 40% audit will take place and you will receive a new statement with a step indication. It will be valid for three years.

It is also possible to switch from an SCL Light statement to an SCL certificate. This will involve an additional, 60% audit, which must take place within three months of the initial, 40% audit.

The audit conducted will depend on the type of SCL product you want and also on the size of your organisation or organisational unit.

See the Certification Scheme for a full, detailed overview.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
SCL light audit 40%
Check on action plan
Check on action plan
Applicable up to step 3
Statement valid for 3 years with step indication
Preservation of statement
Preservation of statement
Questionnaire (SAQ) mandatory
Review gap analysis and action plan

Step-by-step plan SCL Light

To obtain an SCL Light Statement, follow these steps: