The SCL webtool

Use the webtool to find out how good safety awareness is in your organisation.

Getting started with the help of the webtool

Before you start thinking about certification, we recommend you take steps to identify how good safety awareness in your organisation is. Establish this in consultation with your QHSE manager or safety officer, who can ask employees to fill in a ready-made questionnaire. It is important for employees at every level in the organisation to complete this questionnaire. The comprehensive overview you then gain will show you where improvements still stand to be made and what your organisation is already doing well.

The webtool consists of the following:

  • A questionnaire tool: this tool circulates the SCL questionnaire among employees
  • An action plan: the preparation of an action plan (available from the end of 2023) to work towards the step in question
  • An online file: the uploading and gathering of SCL documentation to share with third parties (e.g. auditors or advisers)