How the SCL is financed

The Safety Culture Ladder is a joint initiative of businesses and organisations in the market. These parties jointly finance the SCL and contribute proportionally to its costs. The idea is for these contributions to keep the Safety Culture Ladder sustainable and cost effective. Together, we make sure the SCL will continue to be relevant, affordable, up-to-date and relevant in the future. The financial contributions of businesses and organisations cover various costs, including: 

- The helpdesk
- Management of the Certification Scheme
-The certificates register
- The website
- Administration
- The continued development and support of initiatives

View the rates applicable to the year of your choice:

Prices 2023
Prices 2024

Costs and procedures

If you would like to have your organisation certified, you will need to arrange for a recognised certification body (CB) to assess it. Audit days are used to help identify the relevant step on the Safety Culture Ladder for your organisation and also the product product applicable as a result. The guidelines in Certification Scheme SCL 2.0 determine the number of audit days required.