Auditors and lead auditors

Auditors, lead auditors and assessors are involved in the certification process. They are affiliated to a certification body (CB) that NEN has declared competent.

Parties involved in the certification process

Two groups of parties are involved in the certification process:

1. Auditors and lead auditors

Auditors and lead auditors are responsible for conducting the certification audit, assessing the results, audit reporting, recommending certification and conducting the annual reassessment of certification.

2. Assessors

Assessors are responsible for taking decisions about issuing and reissuing certificates.

The qualified auditor, lead auditor and assessor must work for a certification body (CB) that the NEN has declared competent. The auditor and assessors may be hired in from outside the organisation but must always be able to demonstrate that they are qualified to conduct audits against the Safety Culture Ladder.

See the SCL Certification Scheme for more information about the qualification requirements for CBs, assessors, auditors and lead auditors.