Health and safety at work on and alongside the tracks.

The added value of an SCL certification

ProRail wants to use the SCL as an instrument to raise awareness of the importance of health and safety at work. If you are tendering for a contract, an SCL certificate enables you to show how health and safety are organised in your organisation. Read more about this on the Prorail website.

Safety at work

Health and safety at work, on and alongside the tracks, is important for all employees in the rail sector. ProRail is promoting this and aims to create a rail system in which accidents are minimised. Health and safety at work is a top priority for ProRail, which is why strict rules and regulations are in place. However, the ability to carry out this work safely and healthily involves more: safety awareness needs to be evident in attitudes and behaviour as well. 

Award advantage in tenders with SCL

With a simple certification system, SCL shows how safety-conscious an organization is. This is of great value to a party participating in a tender. The greater the safety awareness, the greater your chances of winning a tender.