NEN organises SCL auditor day 2024

NEN is organising the annual auditor day for auditors qualified to audit against the SCL on Friday 8 November 2024. The day will take place at NEN in Delft. The focus will be on the new version of the Safety Culture Ladder: SCL 2.0.

Auditors who will gain experience in auditing against the revised version this year are welcome.

Gaining new insights
During the auditor day, we discuss topics for harmonisation and share experiences with SCL 2.0. There is also knowledge exchange through two plenary sessions. One on the topic of 'road safety' and one on 'psycho-social safety'.

These themes are even more important with the revision of the tool, as the new version of the Safety Culture Ladder highlights 'integral safety and health' even more clearly.

Don't miss it
The auditor day SCL 2024 is a valuable opportunity to keep abreast of the latest developments on SCL 2.0 and to share your knowledge and experiences with other auditors. So be quick and register today.

More information
See the full programme for the SCL auditor day 2024. You can also register via this page.