NEN starts project for small businesses on Safety Culture Ladder

The SCL is applicable for large and small companies in all sectors. We have been hearing for some time that small companies sometimes struggle with the standard. Some companies find that the effort required (time and money) is disproportionate to the size of their organisation. Or it is disproportionate to the turnover at their clients who require the SCL assessment from them. Terribly unfortunate if these are reasons to abandon the objective of improving safety and health culture at organisations!

We want to do something about this. That is why the SCL Expert Committee has decided to make it a focal point in 2024. A project has been launched to identify where the shoe pinches for small businesses. And on that basis to see what we can do to make the SCL more applicable to them. Without losing the quality and essence of the SCL instrument.

Visit our workshops

On 28 February, meetings will be organised at NEN in Delft for small companies. During these meetings, we will mainly listen and get a good picture of what companies are up against. We will do this during interactive workshops:

  • Workshop 1 is intended for companies without an SCL certificate:
    09.30 - 12.30 at NEN.
    After the workshop, participants will be offered lunch.
  • Workshop 2 is intended for SCL-certified companies:
    13:30 - 16:30 at NEN.

Sign up

We would like to receive a list of these companies before 13 February, so we still have time to select the right mix and issue the invitations in time.

Would you like more information on this topic or are you a small business that would like to share your experiences? If so, please contact the SCL team at