Web tool SCL now offers SAQ SCL 2.0 in Polish and Turkish as well

Good news for organisations using the Web tool SCL: the SAQ SCL 2.0 is now available in Polish and Turkish. In addition to the existing languages (Dutch, English, German and French), organisations that have staff who speak these languages can now also use the SAQ in their mother tongue.

Why is this important?

The Safety Culture Ladder is a tool that allows organisations to measure and improve their safety culture. Completing the SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) is part of this process. Making the SAQ available in multiple languages makes it accessible to a wider audience.

If your organisation has employees who speak Polish or Turkish, you can now offer the SAQ in these languages. This increases the reliability of your self-assessment and contributes to a safer working environment.

What does it cost?

Polish and Turkish languages are available at an additional cost. For more information, please send a message to info@safetycultureladder.com with the subject "request languages SAQ".

Need other languages?
Do you need other languages? Please let us know. If there is sufficient interest, we will add new languages to the SCL Web tool.

Are you not yet familiar with the SCL Web tool? Getting started is easy