Ecco takes over management of SCL Germany from NEN

Management of the Safety Culture Ladder in Germany has been transferred to Ecco Ecology and Communication. This means that Ecco will now be responsible for organising and supervising consultations and the annual auditors' day. For the time being, office visits to the certifying institutions and attendance of auditors will continue to be organised from the Netherlands.

The transfer is due to the departure of Jeannette Hofman - Z├╝ter, who performed these tasks from the Netherlands in the past. As audits against the SCL are also taking place in Germany, it is important that the relevant stakeholders have input from Germany. Ecco is the perfect partner for this.

Jeroen Haesenbos of NEN acts as a linking pin between Germany and the Netherlands. Haesenbos: 'Since October, I have been part of the SCL team at NEN. As the linking pin between Germany and the Netherlands, I will keep in regular contact with ECCO so that the German branch and Dutch branch of SCL stay well connected. And that the transfer of consultations goes smoothly. With Mariska van Axel's support, I will continue to be involved in the organisation of the attendances and ratings. I look forward to making sure this work runs smoothly!'