Extra date scheduled for Auditor Training Safety Culture Ladder 2.0

There is a lot of interest and demand for the auditor training course Safety Culture Ladder 2.0. The training course scheduled for 19 and 26 June is fully booked. To avoid making auditors wait for the next training course in October, an extra date has been scheduled. This additional two-day training will take place in Delft on 27 June and 4 July.

Auditors are introduced to the Safety Culture Ladder in this training. The training consists of two classroom days and a preparatory e-learning. The online training covers the rationale and content of the SCL 2.0 themes. With practical exercises, participants train their observation techniques, practice reporting and presenting results. The participant also learns which soft skills are needed to audit on the SCL 2.0.

2 SKO points awarded for SCL training
Attached to this training is a rating in the maintenance system VK awarded of 2 points(valid until September 2025). The SKO point is stated on the certificate of participation. The participant will receive this after completing the two-day training course.

More information
Those interested in the training Auditors Safety Culture Ladder 2.0 can register via the NEN website. Everyone who takes a training course at NEN is given access to the NEN Academy. In this online learning environment, the participant finds all information about the training courses, learning objectives and instructor. The certificate of participation can also be downloaded in this online learning environment.