First SCL 2.0 certificate awarded to Vrieshold Werkendam B.V.

On 24 January, NCI Certification awarded the first SCL certificate version 2.0 to Vrieshold Werkendam B.V. This is a remarkable achievement, as the Safety Culture Ladder 2.0 (SCL 2.0) did not come into force until 1 January 2024.

The Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) is an assessment method that focuses on measuring and promoting safety awareness and conscious safe action in companies. The focus is on the organisation's safety culture. But what exactly does this entail?

SCL encourages companies to consciously work safely and healthily. It goes beyond just rules and requirements; it must be reflected in the culture, attitude and behaviour of employees on a daily basis. An SCL certificate indicates that a company takes safety seriously, which creates trust with customers.

Support for SCL

Organisations that also want to get started with the SCL can use the Safety Culture Ladder web tool. The web tool contains a self-assessment that an organisation can carry out as part of a certification process. The self-assessment is also suitable to use as a baseline measurement or to get acquainted with the aspects of the SCL in an accessible way. Questionnaires are available to test the safety culture in your organisation.

In addition, NEN offers various trainings to support working with the Safety Culture Ladder. Consider induction and audit training on different steps of the ladder. In this way, companies can strengthen their safety culture and make awareness, attitude and behaviour central, just as Vrieshold Werkendam B.V. has done.


From left to right Maarten Oldenburg (KAM manager Vrieshold Werkendam), Kaat Van der Haar (SCL project leader, NEN), Hanneke de Vries (director/owner NCI Certification) and Jorrit Smeets (director De Vries Werkendam).