Optimising SCL for small organisations

NEN has launched a project to improve the applicability of the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) for small organisations and make the SCL more accessible. The aim is to make implementation of the SCL easier for small organisations.

This looked at:

  • Proportional means of proof from Step 3 onwards (the ASA is only accepted for Step 2).
  • Definition of small organisations.
  • Basket table for small organisations

Purpose workshops
As part of this project, several workshops were organised in February and March 2024 with representatives of both small organisations not yet certified on the SCL and representatives of small organisations that are certified on the SCL. These workshops explored the reasons for not (yet) opting for certification, the reasons for being certified and how small organisations can be supported to get started on the SCL in an easy way.

Key insights
A total of 17 representatives participated in these workshops. There were open discussions about the problems small organisations face when trying to get started with SCL.

Several areas of concern emerged from the workshops, including the need for better communication about the added value of the SCL, providing visual information instead of text, giving guidance on how to get started with the SCL, clarifying the differences between SCL and SCC and reducing the audit burden for small organisation.

The working group guiding this project is now in the process of listing all the issues raised and working out possible solutions. In early May, a meeting was organised with a Sounding Board Group, consisting of representatives of the SCL Expert Committee, certifying bodies, Knowledge Partners, ViA and small companies, to discuss the inventory and solutions.

The aim is to decide on the possible solutions at the June 2024 meeting of the Committee of Experts. Keep an eye on the website or subscribe to the SCL newsletter.