The Safety Culture Ladder is intended as a measure to encourage companies and their suppliers to consciously work safely. After the system was originally developed by ProRail, it’s been owned and managed by NEN since July 1, 2016. The Safety Culture Ladder was developed by ProRail. NEN is internationally accepted as scheme manager and certification audits are conducted by independent, accredited certification bodies (Ladder Certification Authorities). NEN provides the project management and secretariat of the Board of Stakeholders (BoS) and the Committee of Experts (CoE).

Board of Stakeholders (BoS)

The Board of Stakeholders (BoS) acts as the main decision-making body of the system and and governs the the management and development of the Safety Culture Ladder system. The BoS is a broad assembly of procurers, businesses, science institutions and civil society organizations and is led by an independent chairman at board level. The Board consults (interested) clients, contractors and other relevant (professional) organizations on new developments. For the management and development of the Safety Culture Ladder the BoS is supported and advised by the Committee of Experts and NEN.

Committee of Experts (CoE)

The Committee of Experts (CoE) is the operational committee of the Safety Culture Ladder. The Committee of Experts is primarily responsible for keeping the certification scheme up to date and functions as the contact for the Ladder Certification Authority (LCA) regarding interpretation issues and other issues. The Committee of Experts is represented by clients and contractors. Members of the Committee of Experts shall be appointed in a personal capacity. In case of organizational changes interested parties may nominate other representatives.